A WIki of Santa Barbara City Restaurant History

Back in 1917, H.G. Chase described Santa Barbara Real Estate as:

“Sun-kissed, Ocean-washed, Mountain-girded, Island-guarded”Santa_Barbara_Panorama.png

The Santa Barbara Restaurant History LIst compiled by Antonio Gardella

Everyone enjoys eating out at Santa Barbara’s amazing array of eateries.
Today we are so fortunate to have more choices for casual or exquisite fine dining experiences.
Here is a researched list of the public places folks could grab a bite in the Santa Barbara area from the early days
of Santa Barbara history in the late 19th century through 1985.

Browsing through the names of dining establishments that made their opening appearances in the years stated
might just trigger fond memories of meals enjoyed with friends and loved ones. It is also fun to see how the names of eateries changed
over the last one hundred years, how certain styles of restaurants have come and gone,
how names and types of names have changed over the years. I hope you enjoy your travel through time.

If you have memories or additions or corrections, please send them to me:

Antonio Gardella,
3791 State St. Unit D Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Wiki quickly thrown together by James Sly with data gathered by many years of hard work
with the annual City Directory at the Santa Barbara Public Library by Antonio Gardella.
Please email us more information, photos, menus, or memories, to make this wiki more complete! sly.james+wiki@gmail.com